Beginners’ Mind Sangha

This group is for beginners, people who want a shorter sitting period, those who want to practice earlier in the evening, or anyone else who wants to attend. After ten minutes for visiting, announcements and introductions, we sit in meditation for twenty minutes, then after that discuss our current topic of study, ending at 6:30 p.m. with either a short metta (loving-kindness) meditation or a dedication of the benefits of the evening’s practice to all beings. Meditation instructions for beginners are always available.

In 2015 Dharma Zephyr’s Beginners Mind group considered “the hook” – that moment we all experience of grasping, tensing, tightening, and closing down. For more information on this study, please go HERE.  Click outline for the study outline.  Click readings for readings.

In 2017 the group is reading Unlimiting Mind by Andrew Olendzki.

We also lead a FAMILY NIGHT once a quarter – check the events page for details.

The co-facilitators, Candice Chartraw, Jeff Froschauer, and Cheryl Macy, offer guided meditation instructions for newcomers. No registration is necessary and there is no charge, though traditionally we offer a donation to cover costs.



Youth Group Building of the Methodist Church
213 N. Minnesota (SE corner of Proctor)


Monday evenings
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (except major holidays or very inclement weather)


Anne Macquarie

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