Spirit Rock Climate Daylong

The recording of Spirit Rock’s recent “No Time to Lose” climate daylong is now available for anyone to access. Go here:


Scroll down to hear the recorded presentations which include Joanna Macy, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Ven. Analayo, James Baraz and others. The lineup and presentations begin 10 minutes into the recording. 

This was a dana event to benefit One Earth Sangha (and Spirit Rock). If you share this please tell people to consider using the donate links below the recording to support One Earth. One Earth Sangha https://oneearthsangha.org/ offers many teachings and trainings to inspire engagement. Check out their teachings and projects.  And ecosattava training is offered later this year.

From Christy Tews:

The day couldn’t have gone better. Over 900 registered for both live and online access. The room was filled with all kinds of emotions as we started. By the end of the day there was a feeling of genuine uplift and inspiration. When people come together to share their concern we can help each other hold all the difficult feelings that naturally arise. 

Attached are the collective actions and organizations that the live audience shared throughout the day. This is no time to play small. 

The September 20th student-led Climate Strike saw 4 million worldwide come together to demand action.  GretaThunberg’s commitment to truth is truly inspiring and has resulted in young voices around the world leading us in this climate crisis. If you weren’t part of the march you  may have watched it on the news and been inspired by the crowds all over the world who participated and expressed their care and commitment. It’s the most encouraging sign since this crisis has begun. 

I’m also including Michele Lilyanna’s beautiful  “A Child’s Letter to the Earth” for families to engage their children. Michele, who is the co-author of Awakening Joy for Kids, created this moving offering specifically for everyone who registered for this daylong to raise consciousness and engage as families. 

Click the title to view in browser. Click the button to download.


  1. Thank you, Christy, for your excellent uplifting report!

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