Who We Are

The Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community (DZIMC) is a coalition of Buddhist Vipassana (Insight) Meditation sitting groups in Northern Nevada.

Dharma means the truth of how things are, or the teachings of the Buddha.

Zephyr refers to the strong winds continuously visiting our valleys.

The first group was organized in the late 1980s near Carson City.  Other groups organized in adjacent communities as the need arose. 

Beginners are always welcome at our groups.  Each meditation group is organized differently and has its own unique “culture.”  There is no cost to attend, though a practice of generosity through donations is welcomed to help defray expenses.

DZIMC also offers a schedule of residential and non-residential retreats, workshops and associated Sangha social events.  Each year a variety of excellent teachers present all aspects of the Dharma.

John Travis, senior teacher at Spirit Rock and founder of Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City, CA, has been our mentoring teacher since 1993.



Please sit . . . . relax . . . . . . and breathe . . . . . .




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