For Newcomers

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New to Meditation?

People come to Dharma Zephyr for many reasons, but underlying them all is a desire to
find peace and ease in their lives. We invite you to explore this site for resources and to
come to meet us in person at a practice or sitting group, a retreat, and at classes or social
events when scheduled. No particular religious belief is required or excluded; the Buddha
invited us to “be a lamp unto yourself” and to believe what he taught only when it
matches your experience. Newcomers and beginners are always welcome at our events unless otherwise

Here are links to areas on the website you may find helpful:

New to Retreats?

Retreats, also known as treats, are a gift we can give ourselves and our community and
teachers. Beginners often wonder if they are “ready” to do retreats, but the truth is,
retreats get us ready for retreats. They offer us an unparalleled opportunity for practice,
reflection, seclusion, and support from the presence of others. Our teachers are skilled in
conveying the dharma in all its aspects. Retreatants almost always express deep gratitude
at the end of a retreat day, even when it’s been a day of struggle with only moments of
peace. Called a practice of purification, we often feel lighter and wiser after a
day of silent practice.

For more about retreats click here.

New to Buddhism?

Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community (DZIMC) practices in the Theravada
tradition of southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka). Our practices are
based on the suttas, or recorded talks, given by the Buddha 2500 years ago.

New to Dharma Zephyr?

Dharma Zephyr began in 1990 when five people realized they wanted to give and receive
support for their meditation practices. It has grown to include many sitting groups in
Carson City, Reno and Minden, and a schedule of day-long and residential retreats.
Classes in meditation are sometimes offered and social events are organized.

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