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Navigating the Artificial Intelligence Explosion with Buddhist Wisdom

by Randima (Randy) Fernando, Director of the Center for Humane Technology

This video was shown at the Center on March 8, 2024 where approximately 30 sangha members attended and a discussion followed.

 The Youtube link is: 

ReTreat from the Holidays 2021

Gentle movement guided by Angela Sullivan, who is trained in yoga, chi gong, and proper alignment and posture.

ReTreat 2021: Morning Movement Session
ReTreat 2021: Afternoon Movement Session

Please Note: The first few seconds of the afternoon movement session are missing.

  • Stand with feet about hip distance apart, knees soft.
  • Feel your weight distributed across both feet.
  • Breathe. Arms light at your sides. When you feel relaxed and grounded, start the video.

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