Students in the western world are fortunate to have access to the Buddha’s teachings in many forms.  Available are books for beginners; audio recordings of Dharma talks given at major retreat centers; in-depth discussions of the Dharma by learned teachers; accurate translations of the Buddha’s original talks given to the monks and nuns of the early Sangha, and more.  Beginners may want to peruse writings by favorite teachers while advanced practitioners may want to study the suttas (the original talks).  Below we list some of the best of what we know plus avenues for you to explore on your own.

Insight Meditation


  • Book:  Mindfulness in Plain English by Bante Gunaratana
  • Book: The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh


Lovingkindness (metta)

Generosity (dana)

Ethical behavior (precepts)
There are many versions of the Precepts, here, we offer a few:

Deepening Your Practice

Earth Care Practice

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