Dharma Zephyr’s new “Mentor Council”

On March 1 sixteen longtime Dharma Zephyr members met at Christy’s house to talk about how to better offer dharma teachings to our community.

Lots of ideas emerged from the meeting: adding meditation to existing yoga practices; continuing to develop  earth-centered practices like the Earth Care Group; continuing our prison work; facilitating practice within families; learning how to offer better instructions to beginners; offering mindfulness meditation to teens, and more.

We talked a lot about what to call ourselves, mindful of the implications of the word “teacher” in a peer-led and non hierarchical group like Dharma Zephyr. We finally settled on the term “Mentor Council.”

So now Dharma Zephyr has a 16-or-more-member Mentor Council of experienced practitioners eager to talk about the dharma in northern Nevada.

Kathy Schwerin, who with Christy Tews is one of the original leaders of Dharma Zephyr, wrote in an email, ” I think the meeting was heart-warming, exciting and inspiring for all of us. I look forward to what is born out of our collective wish to share our precious gem, the dharma.”


  1. Carol Lejonette-Rosson

    I have only lived in the USA for 3 !/2..this is my first attempt with a Buddhist group .in America. I thank you all for your courtesy and for giving me this web site

    carol lejonette-rosson

  2. This is so Cool! Emma and I just restarted our study together. I could use a mentor in order to mentor her. Eventually, when schedules aren’t so tight, I hope to get back to a sitting group. Please email me with the next step to facilitate a family practice. Thank You!

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