From a Poet’s Perch

by Rita Geil

. . . haiku occurring in “noble silence” during a meditation retreat on mindfulness, breath, and impermanence conducted by Marv Treiger at Lake Tahoe, August 17-22, 2014

Aware of beingDharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community: Mindfulness of Breathing retreat at Camp Galilee
aware of being aware
is Being, aware.

Even out of sight
the sun, prancing on the lake,
illumines my breath.

Sunlight on the lake
arises in falling waves.
Here even rocks swim.

Words speak to themselves
like echoes, as empty as
the fullness of time.

The sound of the bell
fading into its silence
the moment it’s rung

Big elephant thoughts,
fearing skittery mice thoughts,
hide in thicket thoughts.

All in fun, Monkey
said, right up till the moment
he saw Weasel pop.

Each day fades faster. . .
NASA reports the speed of
light is slowing down.

One bird, two birds, more
birds, chirping, squawking, trilling.
Many throats. One Song.

Breath is happening.
Not my breath, not my poem.
I breathe as witness.

Mind, being many
yet one, being the only
eye that sees itself

The porch light is on,
but who is it who lives here?
Come and go, again.

©2014 by the author. All rights reserved.

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