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      Anita F

      I just purchased a new computer, since my ancient laptop died suddenly. And boy, is it amazing! It is beautiful, just as an object, sleek and shiny. Images on the display are vivid and crisp. It sounds fantastic, and the speakers are invisible. But I’m most stunned by the mouse. It has a featureless, white, glassy surface–no visible buttons, wires or wheels. And you can swipe on its surface! That discovery exploded my brain. Who even thought of that? A mouse is a mouse, right? You move it around and click. That you could combine the best aspects of a trackpad or touchscreen with a mouse? Genius!! And it is breathtakingly elegant to the eye–a shiny, white, slightly curved, rounded rectangle. That’s it. So much technology and utility wrapped in simplicity of form. Design like this is engineering and art at the highest level. And it is sitting on my desk! What a wonder! I’m going to use it right now to scroll down and click submit. Because we live in an age of miracles…

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