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      Anita F

      Not feeling grateful at all this morning. So I examine that. I look around. My life is ridiculous, rife with comfort and convenience. And yet. What is the source of my discontent? The ever-looming to-do list. It is my last day off, and I won’t get everything done. How am I ever going to get everything done? Why am I always behind, plagued by half-finished projects and dirty floors?

      Where does this pressure, this tension, come from? It’s not external. Why do I believe “getting things done” is a source contentment, of self-worth? Why does it matter to me?

      Life is about priorities. Not everything is going to get done. Now, right now, I am choosing to spend some time feeling into my body, noting what is happening, both inside and out. The tension fades to the background as I take in the morning sun feeding my snake plant, Kwan Yin on the windowsill and the blue sky beyond.

      It rained yesterday. Gorgeous blue sky today. The floors are dirty, but still, it is a good day.

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