Report from Nepal: a child safe place

Here is a report from one of the Nepal nonprofts mentioned in the previous post

Healing Earthquake Anxiety
By Cathy Clifton – Communications Director, Ama Foundation

One of the most difficult things about living after two giant earthquakes – the one on April 25 and the 7.3 “aftershock” that occurred 17 days later – is the constant anxiety. Aftershocks of 5.0 and greater are still occurring at the rate of about four a day, and every time the earth shakes it’s a reminder of how tenuous life really is here in Nepal.

AGChildFriendlySpaceIt’s especially difficult for children, who have been traumatized and don’t really understand why their world has been shaken apart.Their parents worry constantly about how to keep the children safe and engaged in productive play or study. A team of the older Ama Ghar girls, led by Pratima Bista, who is studying for her Bachelor’s in Social Work, have worked with our Country Director to create a “Child Safe Space” where parents can bring their children to enjoy play, study and a snack in a tent they put up in the open space near our ruined school. Pratima reported that “at first they were crying and scared to come with us, but now they are laughing and playing together every day. Their parents are so grateful and happy.”

We are also working with other NGO’s to create Child Safe Spaces in the tent camps where displaced children can come to live and be safe until their families can be located. Thanks to your generous gifts, Ama Ghar has just funded an entire kitchen setup, from appliances to pans to food, for one of these safe places.

The other priority right now is to ensure shelter for every family before the monsoon rains. We have received a large truckload of tarps from USAID and are currently distributing them to about 380 families. In addition, we are sourcing and purchasing zinc plates that can be used to create a more secure temporary shelter until people can rebuild their homes.

We have been so inspired by the outpouring of compassion and generosity we have felt from our donors. From school children who have created their own fundraisers to a gentleman who made a donation to Ama Foundation on the day he died, the stories are so moving. Thank you for remembering us even after the media attention is gone – your contributions are making a huge difference in people’s lives.

If you are interested in contributing to Ama Ghar, please go here 

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